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Become A Certified Yoga Teacher

Learn how to teach yoga from the comfort of your own home. Our online yoga and yoga therapy programs prepare you for a career in yoga that will support your wellbeing and enhance the lives of others.
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Add Coaching To Your Skill Set

Register for our online wellness certifications and add valuable skills to your repertoire. Our expert teachers and yoga therapist will support and mentor you throughout the process to ensure your success. 
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Join An International Community 

Join an educational organization rooted in the foundations of yogic philosophy and engage with like minded people from around the world. Students have access to daily office hours, weekend lectures, practice teaching/coaching sessions, and one on one mentoring at no additional cost.

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"MVP offers transformative programs that help yoga teachers, therapists, and wellness professionals expand their skill set. I started their 300 hour YTT during the pandemic and can't say enough good things about the community."
"My Vinyasa Practice provides a supportive environment for students to grow and thrive. I've done my 300 hour YTT, mindfulness coaching certification and Ayurvedic Nutrition certification and I feel confident to work with clients. The instructors are great and there is so much content."
"MVP changed my life. I thought I was signing up for yoga teacher training, but I ended up learning more about myself and how my practice could transform my life. I am forever grateful to the lead trainers and support staff for facilitating training."