Healing Arts Bundle

Are you a clinician looking to enhance your therapeutic toolkit and bring a deeper level of healing to your clients? My Vinyasa Practice presents the Healing Arts Bundle, a comprehensive package that includes Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification, Somatic Healing Certification, and Foundations of Meditation Certification. 
Bundle contents

What's included in the bundle

Trauma Informed Yoga

Learn to teach trauma informed yoga and integrate the wisdom teachings of mindfulness, breath awareness and dynamic movement into your practice.

Somatic Healing

Leverage somatic healing to help clients integrate mind, body, and spirit. Learn to incorporate effective somatic techniques to support well-being.

Meditation Certification

Learn to guide clients through a variety of different meditative practices. Learn to support clients with mindfulness based stress reduction techniques.
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Healing Arts Bundle

What's Inside the Bundle? 
Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification:
Understand the power of yoga in healing trauma. This certification equips you with the knowledge and techniques to guide your clients through trauma-sensitive yoga practices, fostering a safe and healing environment.
Somatic Healing Certification:
Dive into the world of somatic healing, unlocking the deep connection between the mind and body. Learn how to harness the body's wisdom for profound healing and emotional well-being.
Foundations of Meditation Certification:
Explore the transformative practice of meditation. Discover how to integrate meditation techniques into your therapeutic work, allowing your clients to find inner peace and balance.