MVP Flagship Bundle

Self Care Bundle

This transformative bundle is designed to guide individuals on a holistic journey towards mental and physical well-being.

Immerse yourself in the power of somatic healing techniques, discover the art of effective self-coaching, and embrace the healing potential of trauma-informed yoga. Enjoy three courses, Somatic Healing, Self-Coaching & Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification.

Somatic Healing, Self-Coaching, and Trauma-Informed Yoga Bundle

Accredited with Yoga Alliance

This training accounts for 160 CEUs with the Somatic Healing (100 CEUs), Self-Coaching (20 CEUs), and Trauma-Informed Yoga (40 CEUs) Certifications.

Bundle Type

Somatic Healing, Self-Coaching, and Trauma-Informed Yoga Certifications

Bundle Style

Self-paced and remote


Join a community of 60.000+ international students


Live Support during business hours with various weekly live calls

Bundle Details

  • Minimum 10 weeks for all courses
  • Prerecorded lectures
  • Ebooks
  • 1:1 Support
  • Practice Teaching
  • Mentorship

Materials Needed

  • All manuals and handouts are included in the courses
Bundle contents

What's included in the bundle

Somatic Healing

Discover how to leverage somatic healing techniques to integrate mind, body, and spirit. Learn to facilitate introspection that supports self awareness and self realization.  


Gain the skills to guide yourself and others towards transformative growth, fostering resilience and self-discovery on the journey to becoming a certified self-coaching expert.

Trauma Informed Yoga

Learn to teach trauma informed yoga and empower students who are on their healing journey. Discover how to create safe spaces for diverse populations to connect to intuition and authenticity. 
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Somatic Healing, Self-Coaching & Trauma-Informed Yoga Bundle

Uniting these three pillars, the bundle offers a comprehensive toolkit for personal growth, resilience, and a deeper connection with oneself. 

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