Yoga Therapy Mini Series

Group Yoga Therapy for Healing Sexual Trauma

Learn how to approach sexual trauma and systematically integrate the experience through the lens of Yoga Therapy. Course for individuals looking to heal from sexual trauma and providers who work with sexual trauma. 


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Class meets May 2, 9, 16, and 23 from 12PM-1PM CDT. Classes and handouts are posted to the course and available for review. 
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Group Yoga Therapy for Healing Sexual Trauma

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The MVP Group Yoga Therapy for Healing from Sexual Trauma course is a profoundly transformative experience for survivors seeking holistic healing and recovery. This specialized course offers a safe and supportive environment specifically tailored to address the unique challenges and complexities of healing from sexual trauma. Yoga therapy, combined with mindfulness practices, provides survivors with effective tools to reconnect with their bodies, manage symptoms of trauma, and cultivate a sense of empowerment and resilience.

Our instructors are trained to create a nurturing and non-judgmental space where survivors can explore gentle and mindful movement, breathwork, and meditation. These practices are designed to help individuals release stored tension and trauma from the body, promote emotional processing, and restore a sense of balance and harmony within the nervous system. By engaging in these therapeutic practices, survivors can begin to rebuild a positive relationship with their bodies and develop self-care strategies to manage triggers and symptoms of trauma.

The group setting of the course offers a unique opportunity for survivors to connect with others who have had similar experiences. Sharing experiences and insights in a supportive and understanding community can be incredibly validating and empowering. Group discussions and interactions can help reduce feelings of isolation, shame, and stigma associated with sexual trauma, and foster a sense of belonging and solidarity among participants. This sense of community and mutual support can play a crucial role in the healing process, providing encouragement, empathy, and inspiration as survivors navigate their journey towards recovery.

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What You'll Learn

My Vinyasa Practice teaches through the lens of traditional yogic principles and philosophy. 

Understand Trauma and Post-Traumatic Growth 

  • Learn how sexual trauma impacts the body 
  • Understand the four stages of healing
  • Learn to facilitate personal trasformation

Discover The Tools to Your Path to Healing

  • Learn yoga therapy techniques in a group setting
  • Explore yoga therapy tools
  • Foster community connection

Learn from a C-IAYT in a Supportive Setting

  • Explore sexuality in a supportive environment
  • Practice techniques at your own pace
  • Experience integrative healing

What's included

Access to all materials for self-paced learning

All manuals and digital course materials

On-on-one support, coaching, and mentoring with teachers and lead trainers

24/7 live support via chat, email, and phone

30-day money back guarantee 

Lifetime access to course materials

Our Teachers

The entire program is guided by Michelle Young, a certified Yoga Therapist specializing in Cardiac, Cancer, Eating Recovery, & Behavioral Health. Michelle is supported by Tara Cleven E-RYT 500/C-IAYT and Ana-Pilar Cruz, an E-RYT 500/C-IAYT.

Flexible Training

Register anytime and start at your own pace. All lectures will be available live via Zoom links and then available as recordings with lifetime access. 

Personalized Training

Unlock your potential with MVP's personalized online courses and trainings. Our expert instructors provide one-on-one guidance, tailored to your unique learning style and goals. Experience a transformative journey with customized content and exceptional results.

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