Awakening Psychic Abilities Certification

Elevate Your Senses: Unleashing Inner Potential

Explore the untapped depths of your intuition and perception. Through focused practices and understanding, discover the hidden facets of your mind and unlock abilities you never knew you had.
Awakening Psychic Abilities Certification
Community-based learning experiences
Self-paced and fully remote course progression 
This course contains MVP's 

Awakening Psychic Abilities Certification

The Awakening Psychic Abilities course covers the following topics:

Embrace Your Natural Psychic Abilities

  • Discover that psychic abilities are an inherent part of being human, and learn to develop them for personal growth, not just for show.
  • Develop presence and objectivity to tap into your psychic intuition and achieve a higher level of self-realization. 
  • Explore the relationship between the subtle bodies and psychic energy, gaining a deeper understanding of their interconnectedness.

Expand Your Awareness and Trust the Universe

  • Overcome attachment and release personal agendas that hinder clear perception, allowing you to see with greater clarity.
  • Work with individual chakras to unlock and enhance your psychic abilities, empowering you to connect more deeply with your intuition.
  • Engage in powerful meditations and practices that clear and cleanse energy, removing blockages that hinder your psychic sight.
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