Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification

Creating spaces of healing, resilience, and empowerment

Fostering a sense of belonging, strength, and empowerment, enabling individuals to embrace their inherent worth, thrive in adversity, and live authentically aligned with their true selves.
Trauma-Informed Certification
Community-based learning experiences
Self-paced and fully remote course progression 
This course contains MVP's

Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification

The Trauma-Informed Yoga course covers the following topics:

Nervous System Regulation

  • Integrates mindfulness practices to cultivate self-awareness
  • Teaches techniques for grounding and centering
  • Supports the development of healthy coping strategies for stress and anxiety

Cultivating a Supportive Space

  • Creates a safe and inclusive environment for all students
  • Promotes a sense of trust, compassion, and empathy
  • Offers opportunities for connection and community

Empowerment & Self Advocacy

  • Encourages students to set boundaries and honor their own needs
  • Fosters a sense of agency and choice in their practice
  • Cultivates resilience, self-compassion, and self-empowerment
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